Discover How to Attract and Keep Extraordinary Employees

Human Capital Strategy for Small Businesses

Build a values-driven culture to attract, develop, motivate and retain the right employees to help your business realize its potential and thrive in the 21st century socio-economic environment.

Why You Should Attend:

When scaling a business, many entrepreneurs and small businesses give ample attention to the financial capital they’ll have to raise. However, a small businesses ability to succeed in complex markets very much depends on its human capital as well. Attracting, developing and then having to cut lose the wrong people represents a major threat to small business growth in the form of sunken costs and lost time. Mitigating this risk is just as vital as raising adequate capital if a small business wants to realize growth and longevity.

Developing strategies to attract, retain and develop employees can give a small business a decisive competitive advantage. This workshop will lead you through the essentials of developing a human capital strategy that meets the demands of 21st century jobseekers.  You’ll learn how to intentionally design your company’s values and culture, recruit and hire the right people, adapt your organizational structure as you scale, and build effective teams.  You’ll also learn how to structure compensation, manage employee performance, and offer relevant professional development. This course is ideal for early stage entrepreneurs and small businesses thinking about how to build and grow their teams in impact-driven companies. It is also ideal for small businesses leaders and manager who need to rethink and realign their approach to human capital to improve business outcomes.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Develop organizational values and culture intentionally
  • Learn practical tactics for recruiting, interviewing, hiring and firing
  • Draft your organizational structure and plan for how it will adapt over time
  • Structure monetary and non-monetary compensation so that employees feel valued and rewarded
  • Gain strategies to implement professional development programs and manage employee performance

What You Will Do:

  • Define your organisational values
  • Translates your organisational values into concrete actions
  • Connect your business model to talent needs
  • Connect talents needs to organisational structure
  • Develop a cultural fit assessment for your organisation
  • Map your organisation’s recruitment flow
  • Build a goals flow chart
  • Use and adapt a feedback tool for performance management

What You Will Achieve:

At the end of this project based action workshop, you will have developed an actionable human capital strategy to implement for your business.

Learning Lab Format:

Facilitated Project-Based Action Workshop Course

Workshop Details

  • Price: $449.00 per seat
  • Number of Available Seats: 25
  • Start Date: Summer 2018
  • Time: 4 hours per session/1 session per week
  • Duration: 5 weeks/5 sessions
  • Facilitator: Kenneth Wayne Wills, Prof. Dir., CBA, ASMEC
  • Location: Online Facilitated Workshop

Learning Lab Syllabus