Founder’s Message

When I consider the generations that will follow our own, I feel a sacred, timeless responsibility to leave them with an enriched world beyond the one entrusted to us. Assuredly, they are counting on us, just as the next generation will count on them to secure their future. For this reason, it is on all of us to strive towards creating an exceptional tomorrow for our communities.

Today, our world is changing rapidly. On one hand those changes come with considerable risks that we must mitigate. Consequently, the survival of humanity and perhaps the planet itself may depend on it. Never-the-less, there is a silver lining in the clouds gathering overhead. In fact, it is these same rapid changes which presents us with an unprecedented opportunity in human history to remake our human ecology into a truly sustainable ecosystem.

Accordingly, doing so will require us to question our every assumption since the dawn of civilization. In particular, this will be a journey with no end destination as the perfect society is certainly untenable as a manifested reality. For this purpose, however, we must set our goals high, perhaps just out of reach as along the way we will need to unravel the abounding untruths we have dogmatically carried with us. Unquestionably, this means facing manifold demons of our own creation. In any event, this entails uprooting much to plant anew from which enriching lives can spring forth. Above all, doing so will allow us to usher in an evermore promising future, the kind of future where all men and women possess equal and unrestrained potential to achieve self-actualization.

Admittedly, of course, this won’t happen in one generation, nor without profound struggle. In fact, it will require a protracted commitment on the part of our current generation, along with the cultivation of subsequent generations to whom each must pass the mantle. Likewise, I don’t have all the answers personally, but I believe collectively, humanity possesses the capability to discover those answers. Undoubtedly, we refuse to remain idle. Certainly, we loathe an isolated existence. As a result, humanity is always on the move, as if collectively compelled by forces we have yet to understand, beckoning us to transcend our limitations of mind, body and spirit.

Singularly, the 21st century will challenge us to transcend those limitations in a manner harmonious with planetary systems, respecting ecosystem boundaries. To that end, the next few decades are critical and the next century vital.  In this situation, successful enterprenuers and small businesses thriving in supportive community ecosystems where they take root and operate will prove essentail to successful human and systems innovation enabling us to address these 21st century challenges. This is not to mention, the longevity and quality of life within communities themselves – in particular small metropolitan and rural communities – fundamentally depends on a diverse, vibrant enterprenueral and small business sector.  With this in mind, as the 21st century advances, the centrality of successful enterprenuers and small businesses to a thriving society will become evermore apparent.

Wherefore, it is in this resolve and from that humble recognition that forges the founding spirit of Wayne Kenneth Action Development Labs. For this purpose, a platform from which people can harness their ideas and transform them to empower their businesses and communities, guiding them through the formidable social transformations the 21st century and beyond will require. I look forward to working with each one of you who dare to be part of this journey toward realizing this vision of an extraordinary tomorrow for us all, including those who will follow after us.

With Warm Regards,

Kenneth Wayne Wills
Social Ecologist, Business Advisor and Facilitator
Founding Director