Kenneth’s Professional Bio

Above all, helping small businesses make sense of and achieve success in the complexity of the 21st century is my lifelong passion and goal. In fact, small businesses are the lifeblood of a community’s economy and social fabric. Unquestionably, if our communities – especially small metropolitan and rural communities – are to prosper in the 21st century, we must transform our approach to community development, establishing social ecosystems where small businesses and entrepreneurship can truly thrive. Likewise, entrepreneurs, small business leaders and managers must understand how to successfully develop and operate businesses that are good for humanity. All things considered, the 21st century demands that entrepreneurs and small businesses continually leverage the power of purpose and conscious evolution in the pursuit of longevity.

Kenneth Wayne Wills
Social Ecologist & CAPABILITY DEVELOPMENT Facilitator

Kenneth Wills, the Founding Director and Chief Capability Development Facilitator of Wayne Kenneth Action Development Labs has nearly 20 years’ experience in small business leadership, management and coaching, with global exposure to a diverse range of industries.  He demonstrates a successful track record in leveraging a social ecology approach to business, coupled with the tools and methods of data science, to study and investigate relationships between people and their environment, and the interdependence of people, collectives, and institutions within those environments to link basic theory and scientific findings with real-world business problem-solving. Kenneth is adept at discovering insights about our working world through engaging with stakeholders to learn and practically implement transformative initiatives that build capability and capacity to improve efficiency, reduce costs, increase productivity and transform small businesses for growth and longevity in the dynamic 21st-century socio-economic landscape.

First and foremost, Kenneth is a coach and facilitator, who’s unbridled passion for facilitating the success of others acts as the primary catalyst for his approach to working with entrepreneurs and small businesses. As a rule, Kenneth’s approach is to help small business leaders and managers develop the capabilities necessary to thrive over the long-term.  More importantly, Kenneth has an extensive background in working with small business from both management and leadership perspectives, in both success and failure, uniquely positioning him to intimately understand the challenges entrepreneurs and small business owners face trying to operate with very little funding and inadequate, or even nonexistent, internal support. Above all, Kenneth places immense value on long-term thinking coupled with concrete actions that bring plans to fruition.  After all, owning a small business starts with a personal vision that when leveraged properly, acts as the vital energy that drives the business forward. Therein, most often, lies the challenge.