How We Do It

Our Business Model

Wayne Kenneth operates as a private, for-profit, action learning, action coaching, social-ecological research and intellectual asset development firm driven by a social mission. Accordingly, Wayne Kenneth has deliberately chosen this model as it offers the most flexibility to question and break down entrenched paradigms of thinking so that we may build up fresh ones that may offer lasting solutions to building capabilities that can bring small businesses and their communities through the 21st century and beyond. To that end, our bottom line does not focus on maximizing financial returns for shareholders. Rather, instead, our efforts focus on generating and retaining a healthy bottom-line that enables reinvestment in research, further enabling us to drive our mission and realize our vision. Besides, that is our natural measure of performance.

How We Leverage This Business Model

Using this business model, we deploy a social ecology approach, coupled with action research and data science to explore how to shape the architecture of small businesses, small business ecosystems and social transformations so that entrepreneurs and small businesses can better align and integrate their efforts to continuously transition and transform, positioning themselves to meet 21st century challenges through the development of key capabilities. For this purpose, we connect ordinary people, organizations, experts, data scientists, social development and transformation thought leaders to research, create, and deliver to market action learning and coachings programmes, tools, research and associated assets. Thereafter, Wayne Kenneth uses these services to educate, coach and help entrepreneurs, small business leaders, and managers build capabilities to integrate and implement practical solutions to small business development challenges and achieve transformation initiatives. As such, we build our services around advancing scientifically validated best practices that can empower entrepreneurs and small businesses to succeed in the 21st century, ultimately, making our world a better place for all of humanity.

Our Business Model in Action

Through virtual learnings labs, we bring people around the world with a diverse range of culture, expertise and experience together for action learning programmes and workshops. At our action learning programmes (a series of workshops) and workshops, we convene people around a specific capability set identified as critical for 21st-century entrepreneurship and small business success. During those programmes and workshops, we use ‘interactive labs’ — which are working breakout groups — to accelerate the development and application of capabilities. In between workshop sessions, we encourage participants to apply the skills learned and practised in the preceding workshop session, to their own business. And, where requested, we make individualised coaching available to course participants either in between sessions or at the end of a workshop, to facilitate application to participants business setting. Using this blended action learning approach empowers entrepreneurs and small businesses to bring ideas to life, to grow faster and achieve longevity by working smarter, not harder.