Why Wayne Kenneth

Often, we call entrepreneurs and small business owners dreamers, yet it is more likely we are the ones who never sleep. It doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, it can and in the 21st century, it must be, radically different.

We’ve Been There

Here at Wayne Kenneth, we understand what it means to start and operate a small business. To begin with, starting a small business takes a lot more than an innovative idea. On one hand, it takes passion, commitment, and a willingness to take on any challenge to turn a dream into reality. On the other hand, it demands capability, learning, and the continual pursuit of success despite many roadblocks and failures along the way. In short, running a small business is an unpredictable journey taken on a shoe-string budget during which time all too often comes at a premium.

Most importantly, when we work with entrepreneurs and small businesses, we understand we are helping people. In fact, we are helping a little girl attend dance lessons, a little boy purchase a new sports jersey, a mother to put food on the table, a father to pay a mortgage, a student to pay for college, or a family to climb out of poverty and provide security for the next generation. Likewise, we understand we are helping a father spend more time with his son playing catch, a mother to invest more time bonding with her daughter, a couple to recapture the moments of their youth, a student to find the time to take a much-needed break from studying or a family to invest time on a trip together to create lifetime memories. Meanwhile, along the way we are even lucky enough to help people change the world while they are at it.

Regardless of the goals, we understand exactly what’s at stake because we have travelled down the same winding roads. That’s why here at Wayne Kenneth, we focus on what matters most:

Empowering entrepreneurs and small businesses to bring their ideas to life, to grow faster, and achieve longevity by working smarter, not harder.